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Jo Weldon by Beau Allulli

Jo Weldon

Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque

photo of Jo "Boobs" Weldon by Beau Allulli

Gift Certificate Information

Give the gift of confidence and glamour!


Gift certificates can be purchased in dollar amounts or hour amounts. We recommend you purchase these rather than a certificate for a particular class, as it enables the students to set their own schedule. If you are sure you want to purchase for a particular class, use the paypal link on the page, then email us and we will send you a printable certificate to give to your giftee.

You can insert your gift certificate into a copy of The Burlesque Handbook. This book is the first ever book on how to perform burlesque, written by New York School of Burlesque founder Jo Weldon.

Gift certificate information for recipients is listed first. For information about purchasing and to purchase, you may scroll down. If you or the purchaser have further questions after reading this page, email

If you've received a New York School of Burlesque Gift Certificate, you're in the right place! The following information will let you know how to use your certificate.

You should join the email list linked in the left hand side of the website to be notified when classes become available. You can also visit our current schedule of classes/ It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe from the email list. Do not email us asking which classes are available. Please read the listings to determine which classes are right for you.

You must register for classes as do other students, because classroom space and props are in limited supply. We keep our classes small in order to ensure a quality experience. Also, we will need your email address as a registrant to let you know of things such as teacher illness or location change. Payment policies will apply, meaning if you register and then no-show you have lost the value of the class and may not get credit for a transfer to another date. You may change plans up to 4 days before the class. Read our payment policies if you don't understand why it has to be that way.

If using a paypal gift certificate, information on how to use your particular certificate will be available from paypal. If using the NYSB paper version of the gift certificate, the purchaser must fill in the name of the giver following the word "From" on the certificate, the name of the recipient following the word "To," the dollar amount or name of the class purchased after "Good for," and the transaction number of their purchase after "Certificate #."

If your gifter has purchased a particular class, you have a slot reserved in it, but you may cancel and use the certificate for other classes up to four days before the class.

You can apply a gift certificate for partial payment if necessary.

The instructor will turn in the gift certificate and we can mark off how much of it you have used.

New York School of Burlesque, Storybook Burlesque, The Burlesque Handbook
Headmistress Jo Weldon performing with Storybook Burlesque at The Burlesque Handbook show.

More class listings added continuously. Stay on our email list for information about classes as they become available! More classes will be announced for January and February before the end of December!

You can order printable gift certificates by emailing

A note regarding gift certificates:
You can purchase gift certificates at any time. New class announcements will be posted the final week of December. Please send us the email address of your gift recipient and let us know when you want us to notify them about what's available to them.

Gift certificate recipients may not drop in; no students may ever drop in for any class as we have to limit class size to prevent overcrowding. Any registrations or questions may be addressed to We are out of the office till Dec. 26.

Bachelorette, Birthday, and Other Events
We are the original burlesque party providers. Don't risk hiring someone who's just jumping on the burlesque bandwagon. Trust your event to our experience and expertise, and treat yourself and your friends to a fabulous class! More Info

Flirting with Burlesque
As seen in Time Out! This class, geared toward fun and easy moves to get you fit and fine, is one of our most popular classes!
More Info / Enroll

Hula Hoop with Miss Saturn
A two hour workshop for all levels, with the dazzling Miss Saturn, a downtown burlesque superstar and hooping legend. This month we will be focusing on hula hooping with multiple hoops. More Info / Enroll

Bombshell Hair!
For pinup modeling or a glam night out!
Pinup Supermodel Bettina May teaches secrets of gorgeous hairstyling. Discover how to curl any type of hair, create long-lasting Victory rolls, glamorous waves, sturdy up-dos, and how to create hairstyles to withstand hot studio and stage lights or vigorous dancing! Also learn how to incorporate accessories for quick vintage looks and how to troubleshoot mishaps. Bring your hot rollers, hair flowers, vintage hats, and all of your hair questions.
More Info / Enroll

How to Dance in High Heels
Time to learn to love dancing in high heels! Just as Ms. Muz's choreography incorporates a multitude of styles, with high kicks, jumps and splits in 7 inch platform heels, so too, will this technique class. Beginning with a ballet and theatrical-based warm up, as well as obligatory push ups and sit ups, this class will culminate in the fun complex movement phrase that you will dance in high heels. This class promises vigorous mental & physical work for the dancer and will give you tools to dance dressed head to toe and to warm up for your stage performances. Be sure to bring your sturdiest stripper shoes! MoreInfo/Enroll

Ultimate Self Confidence!
World Famous *BOB* is offering her celebrated self-confidence workshop! Ultimate Self Confidence is the radical and astonishing workshop that everyone is talking about! As seen in the Village Voice "Best of New York 2008" guide. World Famous *BOB* has created a workshop to encourage women to take larger steps towards who they ultimately want to be - whether it is on stage or in everyday life situations. Confidence is something that is only true when it is created by ourselves and *BOB* will guide you through a series of fun and sometimes challenging exercises to create "courage references" that are guaranteed to stay with you long after you've left class. Come ready to work and be prepared to amaze even yourself! More Info / Enroll

Burlesque Dance!
Learn the moves that make burlesque so much fun! You'll be shimmying, peeling, and rocking it, performing an entire burlesque routine in the very first class. Includes chair dance, bump n grind, and more! New York School of Burlesque Headmistress Jo Weldon has learned directly from the fierce and fabulous ladies who performed during the magical golden age of twentieth century burlesque. Get in touch with the passion of sensual, glamourous, powerful women, and become part of that history yourself! Enjoy the sparkle of rhinestones, the flash of fringe, the feathery dreamy drop of a boa...

Get Your Act Together
This is a 6-hour intensive on how to put together a burlesque routine. We'll talk about coming up with your stage name, finding inspiration, choosing music, putting together a costume, and choreographing a routine! We'll workshop your ideas and offer extensive resources to help you get your number together quickly. At NYSB you will be learning from the most experienced teachers and entertainers in burlesque! We've put hundreds of performers onstage, many of whom have gone on to award-winning careers in burlesque!
More Info/Enroll

The Essential Burlesque Dance Series
Want to take the entire series of beginner burlesque dance classes? Learn all the moves that make burlesque so much fun: the sexy shimmy, the tantalizing glove peel, the devastating bump n grind, and the dazzling tassel-twirl, chair dance, fan dance, and more! More Info / Enroll

Fan Dance!
The fan dance is one of the most sensual, and also one of the most technical forms of burlesque dance. There are two offerings of this class, one for beginners and one for those who want to hone their skills!
More Info/Enroll

Please stay on our email list to be notified as classes are added! New classes are added continuously and announcements are made as soon as they are available for registration.

The calendar below is in the process of being updated.