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Beginning Hula Hoop Workshop

with Pinkie Special

About This ClassDress CodeAbout Pinkie Special
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440 Lafayette St, NYC
Studio 4C, 4th floor.

Preregistration is required for all NYSB classes. Please review our payment policies before purchasing.
Please come directly to the studio for the class. There is no receptionist.

Impress your friends and get fit for summer by learning to hula hoop!

Space Hoop

About This Class

Have fun learning basic hooping while getting a workout!

In this workshop, you'll learn how to:
• hoop on all parts of your body, including your hands, arms, waste and knees
• dance, jump, and run with a hoop
• play with exciting tricks and sharpen our styling so we look good doing it
• Finally, we will practice our freshly learned skills in a short choreography

This class is designed to inspire beginners and advanced students alike.

Dress Code: Wear tight fitting clothes with bare knees if possible.

What to bring to class: A bottle of water and hoop if you have one. Hoops available upon request. Custom hoops made by Pinkie Special available for sale, inquire at lpinkstar@hotmail.com.

As with any exercise or movement class, you may check with your doctor before taking this class. With any movement class there is a risk of injury. When you register you agree to accept responsibility for any injuries, waiving any right to hold responsible the teachers, event producers, or venue.

About Pinkie Special

Pinkie Special has been entertaining audiences with hula-hoops, burlesque, and comedy in NYC since 2002. Since then, Pinkie and her hula hoops have performed across the United States and toured in Canada, England, Germany, France, and Spain. She has been in The New York Times, The Village Voice, and won The Dance Off Pants Off contest on FUSE television network. She has also been a part of The New York, London, and Paris Burlesque Festivals.

As a hula-hoop instructor, she has taught workshops for The New York School of Burlesque and The Edgy Woman Festival in Montreal and Le Marche du Mode Vintage in France. In addition, she has performed with numerous bands including Hank Williams III and performed for audiences of over 1000 spectators. Pinkie is also the world premier elbow tassel twirler and works as a molecular biologist during the day.

Find out what makes hooping fun with Pinkie Special!

Register Now

Beginning Hula Hoop Workshop

Saturday, May 25
2 hours
440 Lafayette St, NYC
Studio TBA


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