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Jo Weldon by Beau Allulli

Jo Weldon

Headmistress of The New York School of Burlesque

photo of Jo "Boobs" Weldon by Beau Allulli

New York Burlesque Festival Classes

440 Lafayette, NYC, 10002

You can take special classes from award-winning, rarely available instructors!

There are only a few slots remaining in each class!

The New York School of Burlesque has been the official presenter of classes for the New York Burlesque Festival since 2006. We've been bringing you quality burlesque classes for 8 years and we're always excited to bring you the best from outside NYC as well!

New York Burlesque Festival

Online registration only. These classes often sell out. Do not wait to register. Email to preregister.

More classes may be added, but these classes are confirmed. Register now to avoid missing out, or check back or join our email list for more information!

The studio is at 440 Lafayette St in Manhattan. Click here for directions. You are responsible for getting there on time and signing in on the sheet the instructor will have with your name and email address on it. There will be no receptionist, so go in, read the listing on the bulletin board in the lobby, and go directly to the class and sign in. DO NOT wait until the day of the class to ask questions. If you have questions, email at least one day before the class.

Be sure to check back on this page the day of your class to be notified of any unexpected changes, instructor illness, etc.

Thursday September 29 7-8 pm
Special Flirt
Get a taste of old-school burlesque as NYSB Headmistress and The Burlesque Handbook author Jo Weldon conducts a special session of Flirting with Burlesque featuring her Philosophy of Striptease exercises, designed to make you into an irresistible and mischeivous seducer of men and women alike. This will be a fun and physical class, but not a workout. You'll receive a special handout. Jo will also have her books and DVDs for sale there, and you can bring a copy if you have one. You need not wear workout wear--you can definitely come dressed for burlesque!
Also featuring senior NYSB faculty member Darlinda Just Darlinda, who will teach you how to love your audience (whether of one or thousands) and be loved in return!
Click below for this date only; scroll down for all other dates.

Flirt September 29 2011

Saturday, October 1

The Elements $30
Ray Gunn
Level: New Performer to Intermediate Students
"The Elements" is a 90-minute class taught by Ray Gunn of the Stage Door Johnnies. It covers the basic components of constructing and focusing a burlesque act for the established performer. "The Elements" delves into the four essentials of any act - concept, costume, music, and movement. Ray will guide participants through the creation of an act - identifying and discussing the four elements as well as providing practical exercises geared to refine, polish, and give attention to details. Within the 90-minute period participants will create, perform and critique short one minute acts applying the techniques taught in class.
Instructor Bio: Ray Gunn is one of the choreographers for the award-winning Stage Door Johnnies and has been dancing professionally for 15 years throughout Chicago and other major cities in the United States. In addition to dancing professionally himself, Ray has 8 years of experience as an artistic director and choreographer for professional dance companies. In 2006 was awarded 'Choreographer of the year' by the Black Theatre Alliance. Click "Add to Cart" to pay and register:

Stunning Stage Presence and Riveting Facial Expressions! $30
Indigo Blue
Level: Fun for All
The Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2011, Miss Indigo Blue is the founder and headmistress of the Academy of Burlesque in Seattle, WA and has been teaching the Art Of The Tease since 2002. Her techniques include the basics of connecting with an audience, as well as the subtler art of manufacturing desire on-the-fly. Cultivate a smoldering gaze, create a wink that kills, and learn to invite the audience to relish every inch of skin on your body. This class is perfect for the novice and the seasoned burlesque performer who is eager to be daringly gorgeous on stage. Gloves and Boas are provided as props for this class, heels are optional.
Click to Pay and Register :

Sunday, October 2

Classic Moves of Burlesque $30
Instructor: Jo Weldon, Author of The Burlesque Handbook

Level: Beginner, Fun for All. Intermediate Refresher.
Learn how to flirt with a boa, peel a glove with fierceness, bump and grind like burlesque legends of the 20th century, and twirl tassels in every direction! It's perfect for pros and players alike. Jo Weldon learned many of these moves directly from the sexy, fierce ladies who performed during the golden age of burlesque in the 1950s, and she's bringing you the real thing! You'll learn an entire burlesque routine from beginning to end in this class that has not only spawned dozens of burlesque careers, but entertained over a thousand bachelorettes and birthday girls. It's authentic, delicious burlesque, and you can do it all!
Please note, wear or bring a standard back-hooking bra so you can learn the bra removal and tassel-twirling techniques.
Click to Pay and Register:

2-4 pm
Movement and Music $40
Billie Madley

Level: All
For dancers and people who want to look like dancers...Burlesque is many things, but above all, burlesque is about communicating through movement. Learn such concepts as whether the music is working for your lower or upper body. Learn the art of movement from a neo-burlesque pioneer and legend.
Click to Pay and Register:

4-6 pm
Ultimate Self-Confidence $40
You must also bring $5 in exact change to class for materials.
World Famous *BOB*

Ultimate Self Confidence is the radical and astonishing workshop that everyone is talking about! As seen in the Village Voice "Best of New York" guide. World Famous *BOB* has created a workshop to encourage women to take larger steps towards who they ultimately want to be - whether it is on stage or in everyday life situations. Confidence is something that is only true when it is created by ourselves and *BOB* will guide you through a series of fun and sometimes challenging exercises to create "courage references" that are guaranteed to stay with you long after you've left class. Come ready to work and be prepared to amaze even yourself!
Please note, due to the intimate and radical nature of this class, if you are late the door cannot be open to let you in, nor will you receive a refund.
Click to Pay and Register:

Note--there are two large bathrooms for dressing at 440 Studios if you are preparing for the red carpet at the Golden Pastie Awards.

We do not have the resources to process refunds and transfers as of that point.
If you want to send another person in your place you may, but they will be required to know the email address from which you paid with Paypal.
Please review our payment policies before ordering:
NYSB refunds and cancellations policies


The New York School of Burlesque is the official class provider for the New York Burlesque Festival. Find out more about us by visiting the links in the header. And have fun!

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