The New York School of Burlesque Presents:

Pointers on How to Fill Out a Festival Application:
Dos and Don'ts
With NY Burlesque Festival Producer
Angie Pontani!

Location: 440 Lafayette, Greenwich Village, NYC.
Studio 4A
May 23, 4-5.30 pm. $25

This rescheduled class was previously scheduled for April 18.

You can get directions from your location to 440 Studios at 440 Lafayette in Manhattan by going to You will come directly to the 4th floor and go to studio 4A and check in with the instructor; there is no separate receptionist.

Learn the dos and don'ts of how to apply for a major burlesque festival. You'll also learn what top producers are looking for in new performers. Co-Producer of the New York Burlesque festival and seasoned performer Angie Pontani will teach you tips and tricks to utilize when applying for major festivalsthat will increase your chances of acceptance. Learn what will catch the eye of producers and make your application stand out from hundreds of others. In this class, we will discuss clear ways to answer questions, pointers on what types of act to apply with, tips on your video submission and your still photo submissions plus you'll learn the top mistakes you will want to avoid when filling out the applications.

In addition, Jo Weldon will provide Angie with a brief commentary on how the judges at the Miss Exotic World/Burlesque Hall of Fame pageant talk about their concerns and reactions before and after the pageant.

Email us at with questions you would like Angie to consider before the class. Submission of a question does not guarantee it will be addressed, but your suggestions are appreciated.

Angie Pontani is she one of the hottest and most widely-known burlesque performers in the world, Miss Exotic World 2008, and co-creator of the hit show This is Burlesque. Most importantly for understanding the application process, she is one of the founders and coordinators of the New York Burlesque Festival, and this is your chance to get to learn from her face to face.

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So Much Fun! Pontani Moves:

Trained as a professional dancer, Angie broke into the NYC Burlesque scene before she was of legal age to enter a nightclub by dancing as part of the Dutch Weismann Follies at the tender age of 17 . She began her hoofing career as a chorus girl and quickly rose the ranks, becoming a featured strip teaser and even singer in the show! From there it was on to forming stage shows in Coney Island with popular local music acts Dem Brooklyn Bums, becoming a boogying boardwalk staple with her sister Tara! Later, she performed with the popular swing band from New Orleans, The Flying Neutrinos, where she incorporated both her sisters in syncopation Tara & Helen, from that union the World Famous Pontani Sisters were officially born and have risen to become one of the most internationally recognized names in Burlesque. Angie currently performs both with her sisters and as a solo dancer all over the world! She is also Miss Cyclone, and an activist on behalf of preserving the historical amusement district in lovely Coney Island.


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