Hoop Your Demons Away
Hula Hoop workshop with Miss Saturn

June 27, 5-7 pm
440 Lafayette, Greenwich Village, NYC, Studio 3G


Miss Saturn, photographed by Orlando Marra

Please note studio: 3G. We are running multiple classes that day so make sure you go to the correct studio at 440 Lafayette. You will go directly to the studio and will not check in at the office or with a receptionist. You can get directions from your location at hopstop.com.

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Hula Hooping Your Demons Away
Come hula hoop with Miss Saturn! A two hour workshop for all levels. Learn how to hula hoop or better your hula hoop skills. We will be focusing on working with different types of hula hoops, learning new tricks, hula hoop dancing and hula hooping all over the body. When signing up please specify what hula hoop experience you have, if you will be bringing your own hula hoop, and a favorite song you love to dance to. However if you have a hula hoop that you are comfortable with please bring that as well. Bring clothing that is comfortable and that allows for movement. Shorts and form fitting clothing is ideal. Also bring a bottle of water and be prepared for a workout!!!

Wear work out gear, preferably shorts because bare legs are a must for beginner leg hooping. Bring a yoga mat or towel for floor work.

As with any exercise or movement class, you may check with your doctor before taking this class. With any movement class there is a risk of injury. When you register you agree to accept responsibility for any injuries, waiving any right to hold responsible the teachers, event producers, or venue.

Miss Saturn is the quintessential show person. It's hard to believe this glamorous New York personality was raised in Tennessee with goats and an outhouse. Perhaps this earthy upbringing is the reason for her ease with audiences from the Big Apple to small towns across the country. She creates original performance work that combines vaudeville antics, saucy burlesque, audience interaction, impeccable timing, sparkling costumes, wigs, accents, booty shakin' music (from Le Tigre to Zorba the Greek) and up to 40 hula hoops to create of a one of a kind performance. This is why this consummate performer is a mainstay of New York City's top burlesque and vaudeville scene.


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